Remarkable thanks to its wide view of the fire and a compact frame, the Stûv 6 wood-burning inset can easily be installed in most chimneys. Available in 3 different sizes this Stuv fire is specifically designed for the UK market.

Defra-approved & EcoDesign ready

The clean lines of this family of wood stoves emphasise the dancing flames. Stûv 16 appliances available in 3 different widths and in multiple configurations: free-standing stove, built-in or with decorative fireplace


Built-in stove with retractable window: the open fire is converted to a closed stove by lowering the sliding window. Available in a wide range of sizes. Single- and double-sided versions. Many possible finishes: frames, fronts, cladding and bespoke


Make the most out of the flames… thanks to an almost invisible frame. Infinitely customisable: steel, stone, wood… Thanks to a patented technique which means the finish material can be applied as close as possible to the fire. A unique appliance with peak efficiency.


Three integrated doors for three modes of use. High-quality combustion with accumulation feature. Configurable as a stove, suspended stove, insert or fireplace


Three integrated doors for three modes of use.

Thanks to its special size, each model in the Stûv 30-compact range delivers a power of between 3 and 9kW and is designed to heat smaller areas or well-insulated homes


Insert with retractable door: the window slides to allow operation as an open fire, and can be lowered to benefit from the performance of a closed fire. Output of 5 to 12 kW suitable for low-energy dwellings, with efficiency of more than 80%.

Defra-approved & EcoDesign ready


The Stûv P-10 pellet stove comprises two distinct sections: at the top is a real fire, designed to show off the flames, while underneath there is a stock of wood pellets and the technical components. Thanks to natural convection and to radiation, the P-10 pellet stove is particularly quiet in operation.



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