Stuv 16-IN


The Stuv 16 – IN … A narrow frame to cover up the stonework, a frame attached to hide the outline of the recess or a frame to be customised with the decorative elements of your choice. Available in three sizes. Can use air ducting or choose the optional fan.

Stûv 16 stoves, unlike the old roomheaters, have been designed to operate without ventilation. The fan is an optional extra.

The fan improves the circulation of hot air in the room and makes the temperature uniform.

  • Output: 6kw – 12kw
  • EcoDesign-ready. Meeting the emission regulations being introduced in 2022

The product is available in three widths:

  • Narrow model (Stûv 16/58) for 33 cm logs maximum
  • Intermediate model (Stûv 16/68) for 50 cm logs maximum
  • Wide model (Stûv 16/78) for 60 cm logs maximum

When performance rises from the flames…

  • Damper beneath the stove: a single control to adjust the 3 air supplies.
  • Double combustion: optimises the combustion of the wood and reduces the production of ash.

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The Stuv 16 IN is a range of sleek and subtle inset wood stoves which provide a full view of the fire. Designed for environmentally friendly, economical operation, the Stuv 16 IN uses sophisticated combustion technology to maximise performance

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This product is available to order.  Estimated delivery time  7 – 21 days

Free delivery :- Birmingham / West Midlands / Staffordshire / Leicestershire / Warwickshire /  Derbyshire / North Worcestershire. Terms apply

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