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The Stuv 30 Compact is a truly unique wood burning stove. It is a 3-in1 stove allowing you to turn it from glass door stove to overnight burn stove to open fire!

The 3-door system….All you have to do is turn your Stûv 30-compact’s drum until the door you want is in front of the stove opening. The glass door gives a magnificent view of the flames, guaranteeing safety, eco-friendliness and savings, thanks to its excellent output. The solid door slows down the fire and optimises performance. Open fire mode means that you can make the most of the crackling flames, the smell of the wood… and even a barbeque!

  • Designed & built in Belgium
  • EcoDesign-ready. Meeting the emission regulations being introduced in 2022
  • 3kw – 9kw
  • Small but variable output
  • Operates either as an open fire or as a glass-door stove or as an overnight burn stove
  • Amazing flame picture
  • DEFRA-approved for smoke control areas

Stuv 30 Compact product brochure




The Stûv 30-compact combines form and function to provide maximum performance and pleasure using it.

The ‘compact’ version of the Stûv 30: ideal for low-energy homes or compact dwellings.

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This product is available to order.  Estimated delivery time  14 – 28 days

Free delivery :- Birmingham / West Midlands / Staffordshire / Leicestershire / Warwickshire /  Derbyshire / North Worcestershire. Terms apply

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