Stuv 21/125 DF (double sided)


The Stuv 21/125DF is an inset Double Faced stove with two retractable sliding doors, which allows it to be operated as either an open sided fire or an efficient and safe stove. This stove has an output of 12-22kw.  Available is a number of sizes, ranging from 7-21kw and with the option to duct hot air into other rooms, the Stuv 21 range has a stove to suit any home. The Stuv 21 can be supplied without frames or decorative accessories, giving you full use of your creativity to ensure you have a finished stove which complements your room and individual style. There are many optional claddings available for all Stuv stoves.

**For details and diagrams of all the shapes and colours of the claddings available please download the product brochure

  • Designed & built in Belgium
  • Glass retractable doors from both sides – the greatest view of the fire
  • 12kw – 22kw
  • Supplied with or without frames
  • Operates either as an open fire or as a glass-door stove
  • Heats in 2 different ways: direct radiation and natural convection
  • Outside air inlet 

Download the product catalogue here

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Stuv built-in fires or inserts are designed for integration into a partition or fireplace. A stove can be fitted with a customised finish (narrow or wide frame, stone slab, bespoke fireplace or unit). Stoves are designed to reach their maximum output with the door closed. Models with sliding glass can also be operated with the glass raised.


Download the product brochure here




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This product is available to order.  Estimated delivery time  7 – 21 days

Free delivery :- Birmingham / West Midlands / Staffordshire / Leicestershire / Warwickshire /  Derbyshire / North Worcestershire. Terms apply

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